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Michael Keepe, Concert Saxophonist

“As an educator, musician and performer, Michael is very accomplished and respected by his peers around the country.  His ability to connect with his students is truly superior.   They can sense his genuine concern and sincere dedication to teaching.  These skills and professional experiences translate well to his students.  Students respect Michael not only as a dynamic educator, but as an incredible musician.”

 —Eugene Foley, Foley Entertainment, Inc., New Jersey

Mission Statement: 
II have been a private instructor of saxophone since 1984, educating students of every age and ability from beginner to advanced university students. As a teacher, I am deeply committed to providing my students with a supportive and challenging learning environment. My goal is to promote a deeper awareness of themselves as musicians and individuals. I do this by providing a strong pedagogical foundation, developing objective insight into their own abilities, and offering effective strategies to help them attain their goals.

Private Instruction: 
Depending on the circumstance, lessons may be given at my home, area schools, or Online. Online lessons are strictly for those who are unable to travel or do not live in the immediate area. Private instruction includes two contract terms: School Year (September-May), and Summer (June-August). Contracted lessons are scheduled per month for one lesson per week and paid monthly in advance. Summer lessons are contracted by the number of lessons planned throughout the summer season. One and two hour lessons are available. Non-contracted and half-hour lessons are available only in certain circumstances. Please contact me for fees and lesson time availability.

Studio Recitals:
Each contract term culminates in three Studio Recitals (and pot luck barbeque) at my home in December, May, and August. Performances are low-key and provide a great benchmark goal for each semester. It also gives students and parents an opportunity hear students of varied experience perform which can be very inspirational. Most of all it is a chance to relax and have fun with music.

Studio Master Classes:
On occasion, I will schedule a Saturday Master Class. This provides a great opportunity for students to learn from and with each other. These are held at my home or a local venue, and will be arranged in advance with parents and students. The two-hour class and will replace one lesson for that month. Those who cannot participate will still have a regular scheduled lesson. The master class will focus on students performing for each other and group lessons covering topics such as: Reed Care, Improvisation, Performance and Audition Preparation, Intonation, Technique, Ensemble, Listening, Saxophone History, and much more. These topics are often difficult to cover in a regular lesson format and much more fun as a group. On occasion, local and visiting professional artists and educators will be invited to work with students in this comfortable and nurturing environment.

Performance Opportunities:  
Students are encouraged to perform as much as possible. Aside from Studio Master Classes, Studio Recitals, and band programs, there are many performance venues available. Youth Orchestras, Community Bands, Jazz Academies, Outreach Programs, Music Teachers Association Events and Recitals, Local and National Competitions, are but a few examples. These opportunities are described in detail in lesson handouts, and in the Studio Handbook.

Parents are always welcome to attend lessons and master classes. I encourage parental involvement as much as possible.