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Listen to excerpts of In Arcadia by Graham Lynch, recorded by the Rodriguez & Keepe Duo

1. Arcadia
2. Swan of Mantua
3. Faun
4. Callisto
5. A Dance before a Herm of Pan

Upcoming Events:

February 24-28 2017  

Boise, ID Master Class Series
Boise State University
Boise High School
Eagle High School
Bishop Kelly High School

Dunkley Music Clinics

Kuna High School
Vision Charter School
Eagle High School
Les Bois Junior High
Boise High School

March 9,

Tucson Symphony Orchestra
Ravel: Bolero
7:30 PM Centennial Hall
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June 27 - July 9,
  Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp
Faculty: Saxophone, Conducting
Twin Lakes, Michigan
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Bulletin Board

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Online Student Levi Syson who earned first chair for the AMEA Southeast Regional Band! Levi is principle chair at Buena High School in Sierra Vista, AZ. I'm so proud of his hard work and dedication.

Mike will be working with Brazilian composer Andersen Viana his "LONELY HEART" project. It will feature 13 compositions for a full concert and recording.

Mike was recently featured on The Modern Saxophonist podcast. The interview discusses his dissertation research into the history of the Hollywood Saxophone Quartet.

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Mike has recently been featured in David Culter's new bookThe Savvy Music Teacher: Blueprint for Maximizing Income & Impact