Michael L Keepe Master Classes / Clinics

Dr. Keepe's saxophone clinic was outstanding. His unique ability to connect with all levels of students is astounding. His presentations were very informative and insightful. Mike is a wonderful musician and great clinician. His passion for music and his sincerity toward students make a great combination. I can't wait to bring him in again!

Cindy Adams
School Band & Orchestra Manager
Dunkley Music, Meridian, Idaho

Mike, you did such an awesome job during our Clinic tour with Dunkley Music. I was impressed by your interactions with the students, both in a full band setting, as well as during the woodwind master classes.

Phil Brown
Category Manager-Low Brass

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We were fortunate to host Dr. Mike Keepe this March at Jack Young Middle School for a saxophone masterclass. Dr. Keepe led a clinic with all 65 of our saxophonists from grades six through eight -- all at once! The ease, engagement, and energy with which he did so was beyond impressive, and most educational for all involved. Students have been talking nonstop about his visit, and implementing his ideas and techniques in their playing. He was an inspiration and motivation for them all. We hope he will come back again!

Julia Lumsden, Director of Bands
Jack Young Middle School
Baraboo, WI

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I have been providing master classes, and clinics for secondary schools, colleges, universities and music educator conferences for over 30 years. Topics can cover a variety of subjects to best suit your students needs. Examples of these are listed below. Many of these topics apply to all instruments. Therefore, I would be happy to provide appropriate master classes in larger ensemble settings for bands, festivals, etc. Handout packets are created and made available to copy for your students.

As a Selmer Performing Artist and Clinician, my fee may be offset with Conn-Selmer Inc. if 30 days notice is given. The form can be downloaded below. Please contact me for further information at mike.keepe (at) gmail.com.

(Download a Selmer Clinic Request Form)

Note: Master Classes can be created to cover any topic to meet your specific needs. Please contact me at mike.keepe (at) gmail.com for further information.

Fundamentals: Students will learn proper Posture, Instrument and Hand Position, Breathing, Embouchure, Articulation, Reed Selection, and Long Tone Practice.

Who is your favorite Saxophonist?: Students are introduced to recordings of artists performing in the many styles available to today’s saxophone player. History, Artists, and development will be discussed. Resources and a general list of artists and recordings are made available to the students to continue their research and discover their favorite saxophonists. (A sound system with CD player will be required at the facility)

Reed Care: Students learn how to cure, burnish, and break in reeds, to assure a longer life and select reeds that have the most desirable qualities. Students will also learn how to create a Reed Box/Humidifier to better preserve their reeds.

Intonation: Students learn Voicing Techniques, how to use a Tuner, how not to use a Tuner, Listening for Pitch Waves, Pitch accuracy within a chord, and Ear Training.

Developing a Practice Routine: Students learn to develop a Warm Up Routine, Incorporate Etudes and Solo Pieces. Students will also learn how to set short term and long term goals, and schedule effective practice time in a busy daily life.

Learning Music without Mistakes: Geared towards younger students, identifying phrases, counting, singing, fingering patterns are mastered before playing. Students then learn to double check their work.

Ensemble Playing: Ensembles work on Balance, Blend, Intonation, Cueing, listening and reacting to each other musically.

Developing Your Technique: Students first learn to take stock of where they are technically. Then students set realistic goals attainable through Scale and Interval practice, Articulation exercises, learn how to achieve accuracy, then improve upon on their foundation.

Jazz Interpretation and Phrasing: Students learn how to incorporate “Back Accenting,” Swing versus Straight rhythms, Ghosting, Subtone, Scoops, and are introduced to transcribing.

Improvisation: Students will learn to Play by Ear, Transcribing, Phrasing, Scale and Chord Study, and develop lick sheets.

Audition/Performance preparation: This class can cater to specific audition circumstances such as Regional/All State, College, Chair Placements, Competitions, as well as particular performance situations. Students will learn how to prepare for these situations in a timely fashion in order to “peak” at the right time.