Recommended Recordings

Classical Recordings

This is a general list of classical saxophone recordings that I recommend for students and teachers. Though there are many great recordings available, this is a list of the more prominent saxophonists in our idiom that students need to be listening to. I have limited the number of recordings listed for each artist to five though there may be more. Each of the links will take you to to look for the best price possible.

Note: Though some of these albums offer MP3 downloads, I recommend purchasing the album for better sound quality and liner notes. Liner notes will help the listener gain a better understanding of the music, performers and composers.


Arno Bornkamp:

Claude Delangle:

Jean-Yves Fourneau

Frederick Hemke:

Gary Louie:

Timothy McAllister:

Marcel Mule:

Otis Murphy:

Eugene Rousseau:

Donald Sinta:

Nobuya Sugawa:

Kelland Thomas:

Rudy Wiedoeft:


Saxophone Quartet

Capitol Quartet:

Fourmeau Quartet:

Habanera Quartet:

Hollywood Saxophone Quartet:

Presidio Quartet:

  • Presidio Saxophone Quartet
  • Allegro de Concert

Prism Quartet: